Some of our favorite bamboos


The following are all clumping (non-running) bamboos. Arranged in order of height.


Bambusa species and varieties. Quite variable as to size, density of clumps.

Eddie Gaedel

Bambusa multiplex ‘Eddie Gaedel’

6’ to 10’

Narrow, upright, tight clumper. Golden-striped culms, lush leaves.

Alphonse Karr

Bambusa multiplex ‘Alphonse Karr’


12’ to 15’

Slightly spreading tight clumper. Golden-striped culms, yellowish-green small leaves.

Buddha’s Belly

Bambusa ventricosa

(B. ventricosa ‘Kimmei’ has gold-striped culms.)

15’ to 25’

Outward-spreading, zig-zag branches, very dense. Very fast, effective screen. Large, thick culms, deep green leaves.

Weaver’s bamboo

Bambusa textilis

(B. textilis ‘Graciis’ has narrower canes and doesn’t get quite as tall.)


Very upright, tall, graceful; tight clump. More culm than foliage at eye level. Thin-walled culms. One of the nicest large bamboos for a normal yard.

Punting pole bamboo

Bambusa tuldoides


Very similar to B. textilis. Thicker-walled culms.

Giant timber bamboo

Bambusa oldhami


The tallest clumper with the biggest culms that we grow here.  Large, lush leaves may show some burn in winter. Dramatic landscape plant.

A unique clumping bamboo to grow as a large specimen:

Mexican weeping bamboo

Otatea acuminata ssp. aztecorum


Large, open clumper with culms that sprawl outward. Very soft foliage looks best with afternoon shade. Clump can get to 15’ across.


draft August 2019

Redwood Barn Nursery, Davis CA

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Some of our favorite bamboos

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