Bareroot fruit trees 2021 -- Redwood Barn Nursery -- items on our first delivery (except as noted with *) Saturday, December 19, 2020
Apples Braeburn Apple Late season, crisp and tangy, similar to Granny Smith but richer flavor. Excellent keeper. Green with dark red blush. October-November harvest. Self-fruitful.
Apples Fuji Apple Sweet, crisp and flavorful, excellent keeper. Late September. Excellent pollenizer for other apple varieties. Self-fruitful.
Apricots Blenheim (Royal) Apricot The standard, with delicious juicy fruit. Very early in this area--late May - June.
Berries--Blackberry Boysenberry, thornless Very large fruit, very productive. Reddish-black fruit. Sweet and tart all-purpose berries. The berry of Knott s Berry Farm! June. [sorry, our grower was not able to supply this year]
Berries--Blackberry Marion Berry Firm large fruit holds its shape in cooking. The classic commercial blackberry. Very sweet, rich flavor, described as complex. The Cabernet of Blackberries. June.
Berries--Blackberry Triple Crown Berry, thornless Large fruit, excellent flavor. Blackberry class. Late producer extends season into July.
Blueberries Bluecrop Blueberry Northern Highbush, but grows here. Upright bush is fiery red in fall [LeC]. Leading commercial variety, large high-quality fruit.
Blueberries Emerald Blueberry Southern Highbush. Large berries, very productive, great flavor. Ripens over a long period.

Blueberries Jewel Blueberry Southern Highbush. 5 to 6 feet tall with 4 to 5 foot spread. Vigorous plant, very productive, large high-quality fruit. Early to mid season.
Blueberries O Neal Blueberry (box) Southern Highbush. Four-foot-tall bush. Attractive flowers, nice fall color. Fruit ripens very early and over a long period. Considered by some to have the best flavor of any of the Southern Highbush types [MBN]
Blueberries O Neal Blueberry (gallon pot) Southern Highbush. Four-foot-tall bush. Attractive flowers, nice fall color. Fruit ripens very early and over a long period. Considered by some to have the best flavor of any of the Southern Highbush types [MBN]
Blueberries Pink Lemonade Blueberry Southern Highbush. Upright grower to about 5 feet tall. Berries are pink when ripe, very sweet. Only requires about 300 chilling hours.
Blueberries Sunshine Blue Blueberry Southern Highbush. Very compact bush with showy pink flowers; evergreen. Tolerant of high pH soil; low chilling requirement. Widely adaptable.
Figs Black Mission Fig Purplish-black skin, pink flesh, rich flavor. Heavy bearing large tree with 2 crops per year. Fresh or dry. One of the classic California figs.
Figs Violette de Bordeaux Fig Natural dwarf tree, easily kept under 10'. Bears very heavily. Fruit is small, black, with red flesh. Very sweet. 2 crops per year.
Grapes, table Ruby Seedless Grape Dark red, sweet, crisp fruit. Ripens in August.
Grapes, table Black Monukka Seedless Grape Seedless black table grape, very sweet with crisp texture. August - September.
Grapes, table Eastern Concord Seedless Grape Blue black seedless grapes with strong, rich flavor. Popular for juice, jelly. Attractive foliage; nice for arbors. August - September.
Grapes, table Flame Seedless Grape (b/r) Very vigorous, productive red seedless grape with good flavor and texture.
Ripens August - September
Grapes, table Flame Seedless Grape (box) Very vigorous, productive red seedless grape with good flavor and texture.
Ripens August - September
Jujube Chico
Jujube (Chinese date)
Round, flat-bottomed fruit of medium size. Known for its rich, sweet and tangy flavor. -- DWN
Mulberries Persian Mulberry* Fruit like juicy blackberries. Harvest in early summer for over a month. Birds love them.
Mulberries Teas Weeping Mulberry* Sweet, juicy fruit in early summer. Birds love them. Tree makes a striking accent, or playhouse for young kids.
Nectarines Double Delight Nectarine Beautiful flowers, excellent fruit on this attractive landscape tree. Mid-July.
Nectarines Fantasia Nectarine Bright red skin, firm fleshed fruit. One of the best. Mid - late July.
Nectarines Flavortop Nectarine Excellent fruit, firm texture; showy flowers. Early to Mid-July.
Nectarines Heavenly White Nectarine Outstanding flavor and texture; one of the best summer fruits of all. July.
Nectarines JuneGlo Nectarine Outstanding fruit, one of the best early stone fruits. Semi-freestone when fully ripe.
Nectarines Necta Zee Nectarine* Miniature tree. Sweet, very flavorful yellow freestone, beautiful red skin. Mid-June to early July in central CA. Strong, vigorous tree to 6 ft. Best self-fruitful miniature nectarine. 400 hours or less. Self- fruitful. -- Dave Wilson Nursery
Peaches Arctic Supreme Peach Astounding white peach. Rich flavor, firm texture (unlike most white peaches).
Cling ( nearly freestone when fully ripe ).
Peaches Fantastic Elberta Peach Beautiful flowers and heavy production of outstanding Elberta peaches on this dual-purpose landscape tree. One of the best. Good all-purpose peach. Early August.
Peaches Gold Dust Peach Excellent early peach with very good flavor and firm flesh. Excellent to plant with later varieties. Mid-June.
Peaches Honey Babe Miniature Peach* Very high quality fruit on a miniature tree. Easy way to grow peaches in very limited space; nice accent in herb or vegetable garden. Mid-July.
Peaches Loring Peach One of the best. Showy flowers, large fruit, very productive, great texture, top-rated flavor! Highly recommended! Mid-July.
Peaches O Henry Peach Large showy flowers. Very productive, firm texture, very good quality fruit with rich flavor. Excellent all-purpose late peach. August.
Peaches Red Baron Peach Stunning double red blooms--the showiest of all. Wonderful landscape tree. Very rich, sweet, juicy fruit over a long period. Softens quickly, eat right away. Mid-July to early August. Low chilling hours.
Peaches Rio Oso Gem Peach Very large fruit with firm texture and excellent flavor, on a naturally small tree. An outstanding very late variety. One of the best. Mid-August.
Pears, Asian 20th Century Pear (Asian) (aka Nijisseiki, "Apple Pear") Earliest variety. Juicy fruit with pleasant flavor. Very susceptible to fireblight, but vigorous so it can outgrow it seasonally. Self-fruitful. Late July - mid-August.
Pears, Asian Shinko Pear (Asian) Medium - large brownish fruit. Very rich, sweet with good texture. Stores well for several weeks. One of the best. Very good fireblight resistance. August - mid-September.
Pears, Asian Shinseiki Pear (Asian) Medium size yellow, juicy fruit with mild flavor. Self-fruitful. Late July - mid-August.
Pears, European Warren Pear (European) Very productive, even when young. Juicy fruit is soft textured when ripe. No grit cells. Very resistant to fireblight. Reliably self-fruitful.
Persimmons Fuyu Persimmon Medium size flattened red-orange fruit can be eaten while still firm. Non-astringent. November. A mature Fuyu can produce 500 or more fruit!
Jiro is the form of Fuyu most common in California; Imoto is the form most common in Japan.
Persimmons Hachiya Persimmon Very large oblong red-orange fruit (has a short point) with very rich flavor. The best for cooking. Astringent until fully ripe; must be squishy soft before you can eat it. December.
Plums Burgundy Plum Red skin with red flesh all the way to the pit. Mellow, sweet, great for fresh eating. Self-fruitful. Pollenizer for pluerry. Holds on tree well: early July to early September!
Plums Nubiana Plum Large dark purple plum with sweet, firm amber flesh. Holds well on tree for 2 - 3 weeks. Self-fruitful. Mid - late July.
Plums Santa Rosa Plum Purplish tart skin, yellow-to-red sweet flesh. Very popular and productive, heavy producing all-purpose plum. Self-fruitful and good pollenizer for other plums and pluots. Mid-June, into July.
Plums Satsuma Plum Red plum, firm dark red juicy flesh, amazing rich flavor. Excellent! A true gourmet fruit. Needs pollenizer. August.
Plums Weeping Santa Rosa* Weeping variant of the Santa Rosa that makes a lovely garden accent. Very productive, self-fruitful. Ripens early to mid July
Pluots Dapple Dandy Pluot Taste test winner! Mottled red and yellowish fruit with tangy sweet plum-apricot flavor. One of the best! Pollenize with Flavor Supreme, Flavor Queen, or Santa Rosa plum. August.
Pluots Flavor Supreme Pluot Taste test winner; one of the best summer fruits. Greenish mottled fruit with red flesh. Sweet, rich, tangy, early. Outstanding! Pollenize with Santa Rosa plum or any other pluot. The earliest pluot. June.
Pomegranates Parfianka Pomegranate Does very well here. Highly rated for flavor. Great for juice or fresh eating. UC Davis introduction.
Quince Smyrna Quince* Huge quantities of lemon yellow fruit with rich perfume and wonderful flavor, used in cooking and preserves. September - November.
Rhubarb Rhubarb, Crimson Cherry The reddest rhubarb, very tender and flavorful.
Almonds All-in-One Almond Heavy producer, self-fruitful, great for home gardens.
Almonds Garden Prince Almond Natural dwarf tree to 10' or less. Very productive. Showy pink flowers. Self-fruitful.
dwarf redleaf flowering plum Purple Pony Naturally dwarf red-leaf plum to 10 - 12 ; easily kept lower. White flowers make a strong contrast against dark red new growth. Very little or no fruit. Excellent small tree for garden or patio.
Redbud, Western
Grows to 8 - 10 +, as large shrub or small multi-trunked tree. Beautiful magenta flowers in March, and distinctive grey-green foliage. Nice plantings in the UC Davis Arboretum. Very drought-tolerant and requires that summer irrigation be infrequent. Susceptible to verticillium wilt.
AsparagusAsparagus, Mary Washington Heirloom variety from 1900 selected for disease resistance. Vigorous, productive.
Asparagus Asparagus, Sweet Purple Purple spears turn green when cooked. Very thick, tender, sweet spears.
Horseradish Horseradish
* = ordered but not confirmed
also available in limited numbers, container stock: Apples -- Gala, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady; Fig -- Kadota; Peach -- Stark Saturn (Donut); Pomegranate Wonderful (bush and tree forms)